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Are you serious about growth, and serious about change?

Here at Hold Fast we believe that the first duty of a technology business is not to develop technology, but to deliver revenue. Deep down, many technology businesses don’t agree with us. Most shareholders do.

The challenge

Despite years of investment in digital transformation, many technology businesses in capital-heavy industries are struggling to deliver the revenue growth that shareholders expect.

With interest rates on the rise, investors are starting to see through the hype. Revenue – not market share – is now top of the agenda.

Amid all this uncertainty and pressure to perform, a traditional business plan isn’t equipped to deliver revenue at scale. Nor is a traditional consultancy.

Infographic - Revenue growth
Infographic - Collective Intelligence
Solving problems at scale

Here at Hold Fast Holdings we’re proactive problem-solvers with deep reserves of troubleshooting expertise and an agile methodology that is proven to accelerate growth in uncertain times.

We apply what’s called the collective intelligence method, CIM™, because it makes your organisation smarter, more collaborative and more effective at delivering revenue in an agile fashion. We can help in other ways too.

How the collective intelligence method solves problems

Decades of hands-on experience in the technology space have convinced us that C-suite executives seeking revenue growth need to embrace agile approaches and align their teams around a plan that everyone can understand and get behind.

Managing growth and scale are two other key requirements for getting technology to keep delivering revenue, especially as momentum builds. This requires an agnostic method that is designed to handle any technology in any sector. 

So we’ve distilled our learnings into a simple, step-by-step approach that with initial support from us is proven to drive innovation and transformation long after we’ve left the scene. 

With your backing we can swiftly and unsentimentally deliver a more resilient and revenue-focused organisation.

Infographic - solve problems

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